Symposium Display

Let us take care of it for you....

Displays for weddings are selected for their colour, beauty and impact. All materials can be co-ordinated and choreographed to your own requirements. We offer several different options, all of which will amaze your guests and provide truly memorable entertainment.

We love what we do with a passion and our particular area of expertise is pyrotechnic musicals, so why not enquire about having your firework display fired to the music of your choice?

We will take care of everything including the sound, the compare for the event, all risk assessments and method statements, informing the local authorities and liaising with the venue plus furnishing them with copies of our insurance.

We have a 100% safety record which we guard jealously and we want make sure everyone has a safe and happy event.

Symposium Display

This is a display of breathtaking proportion and it is rightly considered so because it barely gives you time to catch your breath from one volley of aerial shells before another volley is filling the night sky; this is not a display for those who wish for serenity, pretty and beauty! This performance can be likened to that of an orchestra giving a rendition of the last night of the proms.

This display is also fired from a lap top using the fire by wire firing system that was used at the Beijing Olympics.

There is no slow build or light introduction it is quite simply flat out ENTERTAINMENT and will have your guests spellbound, comparisons to Disney are not unwarranted with this display.

£2,699.00 plus VAT


  Fireworks in our symposium display